Swiftlet Farming and Bird Nest Cleaning Seminar


1. Evidence Based Swiftlet Farming Workshop


Would you like to make a MILLION in less than three years?
Would you like to be in a business where you could make back your investment within three years?
Would you like to increase the value of your property by 3 fold within 3 years?
Would you like to be paid cash for your products?
Would you like to get involved in a business giving a near 100 percent passive income?
Would you like to be in a business with low running costs?
Would you like to be in a business where you do NOT have to hire any employees, worry about salaries, overtime, work force planning, bonuses and EPF issues?
Would you like to be in a business where you do NOT have to apply for credit card facility, telephone lines, sign board, etc.?
Would you like to be in a business where you do NOT have to feed or take care of the products?

Would you like to be in a business where you are helping to nation to conserve an endangered species?

Would you like to be in a business where the demand is high and the supply is very very limited?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this is for you.

Believe or not, such a business actually exists! The answer to ALL of the questions above is swiftlet farming or better known as bird's nest farming.

For thousands of years throughout the world, the nests of the birds known as swiftlet have been in great raving demand by those who covet them for their unique health benefits. The better news is that the supply is limited.

"Why is the supply limited?" you may ask.

The answer is because

swiftlets only reside in Southeast Asia and live nowhere else in the world;
it is very difficult (and dangerous) to get the nests from the caves;
the secrets of swiftlet farming is kept under wraps by a few industry insiders!

The industry insiders have taken advantage of knowledge, earning top dollars by establishing their very own swiftlet farms to attract these birds, who in turn build valuable nests for them.

What is Evidence Based Swiftlet Farming ?

Evidence based swiftlet farming is an idea mooted by Prof Dr Christopher Lim. It is a continuation of idea from his first published swiftlet farming book in Malaysia.

ions from Swiftlet Farming : A Definitive Guide time when there was absolutely no information from internet or any other hard copy references regarding the structure or internal layout of the swiftlet farm in Malaysia. Public at that time were still thinking that farmers are a cruel lot of people as they deprive the birds of the nests. Some even thought that the red nests were caused by birds that have overworked. The book has categorically dispelled all the myth and the laid the foundation for farming in Malaysia.

A lot of the designs and gimmicks which are subsequently popularized and standardized in the farming world today originated from my book, e.g. the use of 6 inches groove corner boards, the use of specially formulated aroma and technique of using multiple bird audio to lure birds into the farm

Today there are 105,000 results when one typed in the key words

Why bad intentions? Well they are people out there who get jealous when other people apart from themselves became successful in farming. They are typically the narrow-minded people who consider those who wanted to take up farming as their competitors. Hence wrong advices are put in the internet to provide false directions.

Even when we filtered out those ideas that are strikingly wrong, we will be left with a lot more creative ideas from the internet. Some of the ideas worked but many others are just imaginative ideas which will never work. This is expected as to test out whether an idea in farming is workable or not, one will have to test out the idea repetitively over time and assess the effectiveness of the idea. Even if the idea work out the first time, then you may ask, ,

How does evidence base Swiftlet farming help?

It can help in hundreds of way, and I put those the more important ones here :

  1. Minimizing the trial and error in farming
  2. Dissecting information about what works and what does not work
  3. Minimizing the capital and time needed to start up a 5 STAR farm
  4. Providing a clear guidelines as to how to build, manage and trouble-shoot problems
  5. Strengthening the foundation needed to have a successful farm
  6. Exposing the pit holes of farming
  7. Avoid wasting money on wrong gadgets and designs
  8. Have a reliable model of farming that work over and over again 

How does Dr Lim gather all the information needed?

Of course these are made possible through the constant observation and experiment of the speaker with his own farms. Remember he have built dog kennel, air well , dog kennel merge with air well , farm on river, solar powered farm, VIP farm, Happy family farms, aromatic farm etc. Not forgetting Dr Lim remains close contact with over thousand of his graduates and the constant feedback from them have further enhance the learning experience.



Swiftlets with their precious nests
What exactly are swiftlet farms?
Swiftlet farms are modified buildings or specially build structures for the purpose of providing breeding places for swiftlets. These can be houses, shops, warehouses or factories. You will be happy to know that the Malaysian government allows swiftlet farming to be carried out inside a commercial property or on a piece of agriculture land. So it is a perfectly legal business.

When the swiftlets breed, they will build nests for their young ones using their saliva. It is this saliva that the Chinese around the world are willing to pay top dollars for. The nests have been proven to possess many good nutrients that are second to none.
Does one need any qualification to manage a farm?
No, you do not need any qualification at all. Anyone can be a swiftlet farmer if you have the knowledge, the will and determination.
How much time is needed to manage a farm?
Even though our speaker is a 'farmer', he doesn't do any farming related job at all. What is required from a farmer is to provide a suitable accommodation to entice the swiftlets to reside inside the buildings. Our speaker only spends less than 1 percent of his time in managing his farms! And this include time spend in nests harvesting! So you can see that swiftlet farming is a wonderful passive investment vehicle to generate wealth.
Who consume the nests?
Mainly the Chinese. They buy the bird nests from suppliers, take them home, boil them and turn them into soup, very much like shark's fin soup. The bird's nest has proven to contain many nutrients, therefore becoming a health food. With China, Hong Kong and Taiwan fast rising as the world's super power nations, the demand for bird nests has constantly outstrip the supply (It is a blessing to us that these countries cannot produce Bird Nests!)
How does one become rich by swiftlet farming?
Most swiftlet farmers in Malaysia become millionaires by either selling their bird's nests or letting go of their successful farm for a handsome price. Some successful swiftlet farmers are combining both types of income.

To illustrate the point, a typical successful swiftlet farm (based on a standard 2-storey shop lot) can produce 8,400 bird's nests a year, giving a return of RM350,000 annually. This is the fabulous yearly cashflow.

Further, to add icing on the cake, a successful swiftlet farm within a property will lead to immediate capital appreciation of the property. So much so that after just two years in operation, a successful farm can have its price appreciating by 200 percent or more!
So you have both cashflow and capital gain, making it a super investment.

The added bonus is that the cost of buying the properties is relatively cheap. This is because when we invest in buildings for swiftlet farming, we do not buy expensive and popular properties in hot locations; instead we will be investing in cheap and unpopular properties; yet have the full potential to become the next mega successful farm.

In short, you win on all counts!
The many advantages of swiftlet farming include:

It is one of the rare businesses where a small capital investment can generate enormous income.
You DON'T have to hire any employees.
You DON'T have to worry about salaries, overtime, work force planning, bonus or EPF issues.
You DON'T have to apply for credit card facility, telephone lines, sign board, etc.
You DON'T have to feed the swiftlets.
You DON'T have to monitor the business on a daily basis.
You are helping the nation to conserve the endangered swiftlet population - a noble landlord indeed!
It is nearly 100 percent passive income (only minimal follow up work is required).
Monthly running cost is extremely low - usually below RM50.
You are paid CASH for your bird's nests.
You could make back your investment within 3 years.
The demand is enormous and the supply is limited.
By getting in the business early, you will be one of the front runners.
The farm can be passed down from generations to generations, providing stable and fantastic passive income.
The price of your property will appreciate enormously once the farm is successful.
As you can see, with all these fantastic benefits, swiftlet farming is one of the most ideal and hottest businesses there is.
"So how can I join in this great opportunity?" you're asking.
The great news is that all these and more are going to be revealed!

For the very first time ever, we are going to run a full day programme on the secrets of running a successful swiftlet farm by one of the world's top swiftlet farmers - Dr. Christopher Lim.

Dr. Christopher Lim, #1 swiftlet farmer Guru and speaker, will show you how to reap in the money from swiftlet farming. This programme will show you how EASY it is to make money, how to reduce your risk, reduce your costs and at the same time, optimize your returns. Just as important is the fact that the technique he teaches is RELEVANT to Malaysia (Indonesian swiftlet farms are different from Malaysian swiftlet farms).

Hot Tip!
As this is a full day swiftlet farming workshop by Dr Lim in Malaysia, you will be one of the FIRST in the whole country to learn the strategies and techniques presented. This will give you a tremendous advantage over others.
About the Speaker

Professor Dr Christopher Lim is one of the renowned swiftlet farmers in the world. He currently holds the record of having the second fastest swiftlet farm bird's nests growth rate in Malaysia. He is also one of the rare pioneers who has self designed and built a hughly successful stand alone farm on a piece of agriculture land at a time when no body think swiftlet farm should be away from city areas.
What is more remarkable is the fact that Dr Lim is a full time Senior Consultant Physician and Kidney Specialist and Professor of Medicine at reputable institutions and hospitals in Malaysia. In other words, he does this business in his spare time as a hobby! Equally amazing is that he started his farms at a time he was not even residing in Malaysia!
Dr Lim is certainly a well respected figure in the field of swiftlet farming. He is a much sought after speaker in both local and international swiftlet farming workshops. Over the years, he has assisted a lot of people in owning their dream farms and becoming millionaires.


Despite all the good and positive points about swiftlet farming, we must add that not all ventures into swiftlet farming are successful. It is a sad but true fact that 75 - 80 percent of the ventures into swiftlet farming end up in failures, causing much distress to the entrepreneurs and also to the swiftlets. This is because most of the investors have no real insights or understanding into the design and running of swiftlet farming. Most of them depend solely on self accredited swiftlet farm consultants, right from the start until the farms are operational. Most important of all, they do not know how to design, build and manage the farm in a systematic and logical manner.

So while you can certainly go out and venture into this business on your own, the chances of you succeeding are considerably higher after attending this programme. In this programme, Dr. Lim will share with you the why, how, where, what and when of swiftlet farming. Rest assured that you will get information that you will not get from else where as Dr. Lim shares all he knows during the seminar.

You will learn:

All you need to know about swiftlets and their nests.
How to differentiate swiftlets with other birds.
The essential components of a successful farm.
The legal aspect of swiftlet farming.
How to find an ideal location for swiftlet farming.
How to minimize the risk of venture failure.
The different external and internal designs of swiftlet farms.
How to build up a 5-Star swiftlet audio sytem.
How to build a 5-Star swiftlet farm.
The equipments needed.
How to enhance security of a farm.
How to avoid the common mistakes.
And much much more...


Dr. Lim has personally gone through the hardships and the long and difficult process of learning the true way of swiftlet farming. By attending this programme, you will avoid all the problems, troubles and headaches, and increase your chances of making it big.

So join the swiftlet farming revolution and make your dreams come true. Here is your chance to become a millionaire by learning from a real guru who has done it before. This powerful, exciting and informative programme will set you on the road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This programme will enable you to MAKE MONEY faster, easier, with less hassle, less problems and less work!

Your Benefits
You will get quality advice as the speaker is properly qualified, experienced and is an actual practitioner.
You will get unbiased and neutral advice as the speaker is totally independent.
You will get practical tips as the speaker is an actual DIY EXPERT and not merely a speaker.
You will get practical tips as the speaker is an actual swiftlet farmer and not merely a speaker.
You will learn from one of the BEST swiftlet farmers in the WORLD.
All the tips, techniques and strategies in this workshop are designed with you in mind.
You are getting into a business that requires very little of your time, yet promises returns surpassing that of savings, properties, unit trusts, stocks, options or commodities.
You are getting into a business of producing and selling a globally in demand product.
You will have the opportunity to convert untenanted properties or agriculture lands into multi-millions ringgit business.
You will learn the secrets of such a business that until now, have been fiercely guarded by industry insiders (for obvious reasons).
You will learn to invest in a business that can be passed down to your children.
You cannot get such information anywhere else.

Made in Malaysia
This programme is specifically made for Malaysians. So the speaker will not be talking about the situation and strategies from a different country. Instead, he will share tips on how ordinary Malaysians (which include himself) make money from bird's nests on a consistent basis.

So you know that the tips, techniques and strategies actually work in Malaysia.

Don't miss this opportunity!



Incorporated into this popular seminar is the pioneer swiftlet farm designing and management seminar in the world - the brain child of Dr Christopher Lim ! This is only workshop by an indepedant swiftlet farming expert who has gone through the process of designing, building and managing successful farms. Hence he is able to give genuine and impartial advices.

In this seminar, the participants would be taught how to design and manage two different type of swiftlet farms, and the relevant issues, as shown below:

Shop lot converted farm and
Purposed built swiftlet farm on a piece of agriculture land

How to search for the best location for swiftlet farming

The benefits and disadvantage of shop lot farms vs farms on agriculture land

 Learn how to assemble an effective swiftlet locater unit with less than Rm30 !

As a good and well laid out swiftlet farm design is the back bone of a successful farm, it is important that the participants are able to apply the all round knowledge learned in the book and seminar to design and manage their 5 STAR swiftlet farms. The ability to design a distinctive and attractive bird farms (in swiftlet's eye of course) is a knowldege that all farmers should have. The failure to do so is often one of the reasons of having a failed swiftlet farm.

During workshop, all aspects of 5 STAR swiftlet farm design and management will be shared by Dr. Lim, with the ultimate goal of producing First Class Farmers @ graduates. In doing so, all the graduates would be able to engage their own contractors to build their own ideal farms and save a lot of money (since they do not have to depend on others to build their farms).

No other seminar would have a syllabus as comprehensive as ours! Furthermore, this is the only workshop that has all the proven formulas to produce millionaire farmers. Even more exciting, none of Dr Christopher Lim's participants had ever failed in their swiftlet farming venture !

Due to the high demand nature of the seminar, do book your place early to avoid    disappointment as Dr Christopher Lim has limited the size of the workshop to ensure maximum attention is given to each and every one of the participants.


Best Selling Book by
Dr. Christopher Lim:

MAKE MILLIONS From Swiftlet Farming

The author and Dato' Dr. Abdullah Fadzil Che Wan
(former Deputy Defense Minister and former Deputy Foreign Minister)



The author and Dato' Yaacob Nordin
(Former Director of State Town and Country Planning Department, Perak)

What they say about the book and Dr. Christopher Lim

"Dr. Lim is no doubt one of the most successful swiftlet farmers in Malaysia . This book of his is packed with excellent tips and generous insights into the highly lucrative yet secretive business of swiftlet farming. I highly recommend this book to all investors keen on increasing their wealth."

Phang Kam Wah
Swiftlet Farm Consultant and Director Nest Tech Equipment Technology

"The author has convince me that swiftlet farming is one of the few proven methods to becoming a millionaire landlord in Malaysia . This book has revealed the true secrets of a swiftlet farm – a first of its kind in Malaysia . Prior to this, precious information like this was easily worth thousands of ringgit, making it only affordable to a privileged few. With the publication of this book, I can now openly proclaim that everyone has a fair chance of inheriting one of the most prized natural resources in Malaysia."

Tan Sri Dato Chong Chin Shoong
Director of MBF Holdings

If I already have Make Millions From Swiftlet Farming: A Definitive Guide by Dr. Christopher Lim, will this programme do me any good?
Definitely! The book will act as a reference guide. With a live expert @ walking dictionary to share the most important techniques, dos and don'ts, and plenty of pictorial illustrations, this programme will help you to achieve your goal in making money much faster than conventional way. Also, there will be a lot more useful information that the participants will be able to gain as these information could not be included in the book due to space and visual limitations.

Hot Tip!
What other information that is not in the book we can get from the programme?
First of all, not everything is included in the book due to space and visual constraints. This additional information will be revealed at the programme.

Next, the speaker will also share all the latest swiftlet farm designs, tips, traps, strategies and changes in regulations on the subjects at this programme.

Most important of all, you have a live expert to guide you for seven full hours. This will definitely give you the extra edge.

In summary, this programme will complement the book.
How does this programme differ from the others out there?
This specially designed programme is conducted by a real life practitioner. Unlike some of the other speakers, Dr. Lim is an actual swiftlet farmer himself. He has built two farms worth over RM2 million so you know that he knows what he is talking about.

As Dr. Lim is a fully indepandant speaker, he gives impartial, unbias and sound advices that you will not get from other commercially driven seminars
. This programme will show practical ways of making money from swiftlet farming, not just baseless theories.

NOTE: This is NOT an introductory teaser talk giving superficial information but we will reveal ALL tips and traps of swiftlet farming. And yes, all the strategies are relevant to the Malaysian environment - tried and tested by Dr. Lim himself.
An example of a swiftlet farm
Low Tech, Big Money!
Admittedly, the business of swiftlet farming is not very hi-tech like doing business on the Internet. It may also look not very glamorous to some people.

But while the technology may be low tech, it has a few built-in advantages:

You have very few competitors.
The supply is very limited.
The demand is high.

Perhaps the most important point of all is that you are assured of MAKING MONEY (if you know what you are doing)!

And that is the most exciting business of them all!
Hot Tip!
This workshop is for those who:
Seriously want to increase their wealth.
Want a good stream of passive income.
Want to run a business on a part-time basis.
Want to make good use of their untenanted properties.
Want to make good use of their agriculture lands.
Want to maximize the returns and values of their properties or lands.
Want to diversify their portfolio into an investment that can hedge against inflation.
Want to retire early and enjoy life.
Want to become a noble landlord by providing accommodation to swiftlets.
Want to enjoy a chemical free, nutrients rich bird's nests soup.
Here's a message from Professor Dr Lim ...

Hello fellow Malaysians,

Thank you for visiting this page. I am honored that you are taking some time to browse through here. I congratulate you on your first step to the world of swiftlet farming.

The reason for writing this short letter is to tell you why I planned this programme and how it could benefit you tremendously. To do this, I will tell you my story...

I started working as a Consultant Physician and Kidney Specialist after graduation. At that time I was working in Singapore.

Though my income as a Consultant Physician and Kidney Specialist is very reasonable, I also had dreams of becoming richer through other means.

The big money is of course in business. But as I loved my job very much and also did not want to quit, I had to find a business that I could do in my spare time.

So I started to research on the different businesses out there. As I had a full time job (not forgetting the frequent night time medical on calls), the business that I chose had to fulfill certain criteria: it must be something that does not require too much time, too much work, too much attention and too much time away from my family. Obviously, there were not too many businesses that filled these criteria.

Then someone mentioned about swiftlet farming. "Hmm, that's interesting. I never thought of that before," I told myself. Then I started my research on swiftlet farming by going on field trips, attending seminars and reading whatever I could find on the subject matter. More importantly, I also asked for help and guidance from the successful farmers. In the process, I discovered many interesting points about swiftlet farming. In this business, you are paid cash for your product. The demand is high while the supply is limited. Further, you do NOT need to hire employees and therefore worry about salaries or EPF or bonuses.

Most important of all was the fact that it is basically a hands-free business once the farm has been set up properly. Although it is true that we must monitor it, but the effort is minimal compared to most other business. In fact, the ‘work' here involved harvesting the nests and then selling it for cash later! Not bad at all.

Though I made mistakes in the early days, these were quickly addressed. In time, I became very good at it. So today, I have built two swiftlet farms worth over RM2 million - all on a part-time basis. (The farms were built when I was still working in Singapore!) Further, the income from the two farms exceeds RM100,000 yearly. This will only increase in the future as the number of nests increases.

I came back to Malaysia in 2005 to meet the government's call for Malaysians to come back and help grow the country. As an added bonus, by coming back, this meant that I had more time for my farms.

While I have made it good, many others are not so lucky. A lot of people have spent tens of thousands of ringgit setting up farms, only to fail miserably. Although there are many different reasons for the failures, the one common thread is that they did not know what they were doing. Their knowledge on swiftlet farming was too little. This led them to making wrong decisions which include choosing the wrong location, using the wrong swiftlet audio and wrong design of the farm. These mistakes are costly.

So though swiftlet farming is a good business, you must know what you are doing in order to make money consistently from them. And the truth is that most people don't know what they are doing. Even if they did make money, it was just by pure luck. And because they did not know the reason why, they cannot repeat the process.

The simple truth is that anyone can become a millionaire in Malaysia - if you know what you are doing.

So I wrote a book entitled Making Millions From Swiftlet Farming to share the right way of swiftlet farming. The book did exceptionally well and is in fact, used as a text guide by many Swiftlet Farming Associations and government agencies.

Due to popular requests, I am putting up this programme to share even more tips and more secrets of the trade. Remember that these secrets are not available elsewhere!

And at this programme, I will share with you the critical success factors and a lot more information on swiftlet farming that will help you make money, reduce your problems and work while reducing the common mistakes at the same time.
Looking back, I actually wasted a lot of time and lots of money doing the wrong things. I don't want you to take the same route. In fact, so many others are still making the same mistake which results in them not making money. Worse, many of them are actually losing money from the business that is supposed to make them money! This is why we hear some people say "I have tried swiftlet farming , but I don't seem to get any/much money from them!"

In this programme, I will guide you on how to manage the farms and make money from them while avoiding many of the mistakes.

This full day programme will show you the right way of making money from swiftlet farming - no matter what your background is - and you don't need to be an expert or a wizard to do it.

Friends, if you plan to make money from swiftlet farming, my advice is to get the basics correct. Get the knowledge first, build a strong foundation and then make your move. Get on the right track on how to make money from swiftlet farming - by learning from experts who have done it themselves.

Making money is never easy - if it was, everyone would become multi-millionaires. To build wealth, you'll need to have the correct approach to the whole concept of money-making, and then it will become easier. I will show you the proven routes of making money from swiftlet farming - this is the Millionaire's Way!

I will present ideas and techniques that are simple, practical and yet effective to help you on your quest to build wealth. You will also be saving time, money and energy by NOT doing things wrongly.

So, a final thought - get the knowledge, build a strong foundation and the money will follow...

Looking forward to seeing you on the seminar day !

Professor Dr Christopher Lim

PS: If you have friends or know someone who might be interested in making money from swiftlet farming, please tell them about this programme. It will help them tremendously.

TESTIMONIAL from Mr Chow (Perak) 

Graduate of Swiftlet Farming Designing and Managment Workshop 08

After attending the seminar, I have many good ideas as to how to design and modify my shop lot into a swiftlet farm. My shop unit is situated at a town in Perak, which is not known for swiftlet farming at all.

Although I have my initial reservation about the suitability of the location, I started my journey into swiftlet farming by using the step by step guide laid out by Dr Christopher Lim, starting from using the swiftlets’ locater music to ascertain the viability of my venture and ending with the modification of my farm to suit the taste of the swiftlets and the local authority.

Coupled with the unique audio and pheromones provided by Dr Lim, the swiftlets came and stayed inside my farm within the first day of grand opening. 2 weeks down the road, there are already clear sign of swiftlets ( 4 colonies ) making the farm their homes.

I cannot wait to harvest my nests in a few months time ………… ( see the picture below to believe )

Immediate swiftlets attraction  Signs of Swiftlets staying inside the farm  Signs of Swiftlets staying inside the farm

Testimonial from Mr Ng


Managing Director of a plantation and construction company

Pahang, Malaysia


I never knew that one can build and design a swiftlet farm that easily!


My friends had many farms that were built by the so called swiftlet consultants that had failed miserably. And I am sure glad that I am not one of them as I cannot afford to loose my investment.


With the guidance of Dr. Lim, I have managed to build my first farm successfully and until todate, i own 5 highly successful swiftlet farms, of course the secret is that each of my farm has its own unique design and appealness. Apart from enjoying good amount of passive income, my business diversification into swiftlet farming activities is paying good dividents.






Swiftlet Farm @ Bungalow

        Good Internal Environment         Swiftlets @ Bird's Nest         Swiftlets @ Bird Nests












 Thumbs up by Participants April 2010 


Overwhelming response. Worskhop June 10

Prof Dr Chris Lim is a well respected figure for sure -
Seminar Sept 2010 

Future swiftlet farming millionaires @ graduates of November 2010

Graduates from Jan 2011 workshop

Local and international pax from Australia, Singapore, vietnam and Cambodia . March 2011. 

Local and international pax from Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. July 2011

Thumbs up : Pax from Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia Nov 2011

You are the BEST SIFU ! Feb 2012 workshop class="box1"

Happy graduates @ June 2012


About the programme...

Now is the chance for you to learn the secrets of such a business that, until now, have been fiercely guarded by industry insiders (for obvious reasons!).

Details about the programme follow:

Date Time Venue Speaker/Trainer Status
7 July 2007
9am - 1pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim COMPLETED!
26 Jan 2008
9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim COMPLETED!
3 May 2008
 9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim


20 Dec 2008
 9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim


16 May 2009
 9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim COMPLETED!

 Sat                8 Aug 2009

 9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim


 Sat                 10 Oct 2009  9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim


 Sat                  21 Nov 2009  9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim


 Sat                  30 Jan 2010  9am -5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
 Sat                  10 April 2010        9am-5pm            Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
 Sat              26 June 2010  9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked 
 Sat              25 Sep 2010  9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
27 Nov 2010
 9am - 5pm
Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
8 Jan 2011
9am - 5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim  Fully Booked
12 March 2011
9am - 5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
21 May 2011
 9am - 5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
30 July 2011
 9am - 5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
24 Sep 2011
 9am - 5pm   Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Fully Booked
26 Nov  2011
 9am - 5pm
Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim COMPLETED
25 Feb 2012
 9am - 5pm
Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim  COMPLETED
30 June 2012
 9am - 5pm
Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim COMPLETED
Sunday 29 July 2012
Private Class
Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim Private Session (Completed)


                                   WITH EFFECTIVE 2017, THE SEMINAR HAS BEEN RESTRUCTURED TO A

                                               PERSONALIZED SMALL GROUP PERSONAL COACHING SEMINAR

                                                      WITH THE MOST AFFORDABLE  PRICING SCHEME

                                                       Preview of the Swiflet Farming Seminar : 



Sat 26 Aug 2017

Small group

Personal Coaching Session 


Shah Alam

Prof Dr Christopher Lim Completed
Sat 3 Mac 2018        

Small group       

Personal Coaching Sess              


Shah  Alam  

Prof Dr Christopher Lim       


Sat 3 NOV         2018           

Small group       

Personal Coaching Session                                 

KPGCC          Shah  Alam  

Prof Dr Christopher  Lim        



Sat 13 April 2019       

Small group       

Personal Coaching Session              


Shah  Alam  

Prof Dr Christopher Lim        

Fully booked           


Sat 9 NOV         2019         


Small group       


Personal Coaching Session                                 


KPGCC         Shah  Alam  

Prof Dr Christopher  Lim        

                  Fully booked


Sat 11 APRIL    2020        

Small group       

Personal Coaching Session                                 

KPGCC         Shah  Alam  

Prof Dr Christopher  Lim        



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This full day workshop guarantees that you will gain the knowledge needed to build and manage your farm(s), and of course make lots of money from swiftlet farming. This programme will soon be full. Act quickly and join an already impressive list of investors and business people at this powerful and unique program.
Register today and get FREE GIFTS worth RM1050!
FREE GIFT #1: Essential check list for starting a new swiftlet farm. This is a must have check list that Dr. Lim uses himself before embarking on any new ventures (worth RM150).
FREE GIFT #2: Courseware Training Materials and workbook (worth RM50).
FREE GIFT #3:  Advance generation bird sound (worth Rm500).
FREE GIFT #4: Trouble shooting flow chart. With this chart, all potential problems inside a failed farm can be identified logically and easily (worth RM350).

As a guide, the usual fee for a  less than comprehensive tutorial on swiftlet farming by other speakers is RM8,000 - RM10,000! So you are getting a fabulous deal from this programme. You will also be learning from the#1 speaker on swiftlet farming in Malaysia for seven hours at a special price.
Your Investment:    Called 012-9710155 or  (Seats are filling up fast)  
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The MOST comprehensive and

complete farming course by a world leading expert !!

Seats are allocated strictly on a First Come

               First Serve Basis


  Booking and Enquiries : Please contact

      Ms Colleen Ng 012-9710155


How does Dr Lim’s seminar differ from others? Can I hear comments from his graduates?

Comment 1:

"Your workshop was full of knowledge and I admire your willingness to share your knowledge with others. This is my 3rd workshop and I must say this is a must attend workshop before taking a further venture into this field. My personal experience as follow:

1st workshop: Conducted in Sabah. Using translocation technique and also natural way in attracting Swiftlet into BH. Quantity of tweeter used for both external and internal sound are much lesser compared to west Malaysia. I have gained introductory knowledge about swiftlet farming from this seminar including understanding the natural habitat and characteristic of swiftlets.

2nd workshop: conducted in KL. Using technique like aromas hips of tweeters. General understanding about BH design, micro and macro habitat for swiftlet farming. Etc

BH visit was part of the program in both workshops, which was great as this provides us an opportunity to physically see and feel the BH both inside out. However the downside would be the information delivered during the seminar could only be at the introductory level only and the topics covered were not up to the satisfactory level. A few lecturers did the same topics over and over again and time was wasted. This was understandable as the time allocated for BH visit was quite substantial. So it was tight and hard to deliver all info’s in one day.

After the two workshops I have those knowledge in bit and pieces (and still feel like missing something) and I know that I can’t have the picture formed if I can’t pull those jigsaw puzzles together. I felt like knowing something but at the same time knowing nothing.When I first came across your workshop and I noticed that it is a full day in class workshop. I knew that I must attend yours. The outcome was great as you delivered the fundamental knowledge about swiftlet farming in detail with great coverage. Now I have the picture form in my mind.

Thank you very much Dr. Chris. I will update you about my progress in this venture in the future. I will give your seminar 9.5/10."

Mr Eric Soh, Bagan Datoh, Perak




Comment 2 :

"First of all, i would like to say thank you for such a great class. Im very happy that i have joined the class and it is well invested! RM 880 compared to potential millions is truly worth it. I appreciate the education (with honesty) that you provided will give you more in the future. i believe in "the more we give, the more we receive", I cant wait for my friend to join your class, at the moment he is jealous of me (in a good way) because i have got the cert! lol. I will score your seminar 10/10 !

Mr Don Nazar, KL

Comment 3 :

" Excellent workshop ! Did not regret coming all the way from Australia to join your fantastic seminar. There are so many things I did not know although I own a farm in Indonesia for quite a no of years ! Score 10/10.

Mike and Roseta. Australia.

Comment 4 :

" Dear Dr Lim Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience. It was certainly eye-opening and comprehensive ! A big 10/10 from me.

Regards Hui Ping, Architect

Comment 5 :

" By simply following your simple instruction and plans, my farm in Menglembu have 3 nests after 3 months ; and more than 20 spots of droppings . I was told that this results are better than consultants. Thanks a millions ! "

Mr Yuen, Perak

Comment 6 :

" Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks Master Sifu. My farm in Sibu have nests after 3 months in operation. This will not be possible if I have not joined your seminar. My next aim will be a stand alone bungalow farm. Hope to invite you to visit my farm soon. U will always be my Sifu"

Mr Raymond S, Sibu

Comment 7 :

" I am glad that I made the decision to become your graduates. I started my first farm in Endau Johor and the farm was so full of bird shits after 6 months in operation. Now every body wants to visit my farm and see for themselves what is a successful farm."

Cikgu Saadon, Endau


Comment 8 :

" It has been a year since I last emailed to you. I am glad to say that my stand alone farm is in the top 20 percent ! From my census, will be able to harvest a few kilograms . God Bless ! "

Mr Ding, Johor

Comment 9 :

" This is my third seminar that I have joined. Thank for the generosity in sharing all information that you know. I concurred with my friend (who highly recommended me to join) that your seminar gave the best and most comprehensive value. It is a shame that we do not have bird farm visit but this is well compensated by an interesting hand-on workshop. All angle of farming have been covered well. All my doubts that I have as a results of previous 2 seminars have been clarified well by your good self ( the other seminars are most interested in making money from us rather than from the birds !). Keep up the good work and you deserved at 200 percent scores from me .

Mr Mah, Selangor.

Comment 10 :

Thanks for your guidance and kindness in helping me to achieve my millionaire bird farm in a short span of 2.5 years. Your design, bird audio and pheromones ROCKS !

Mr Phuc Vic , Cambodia



2. Bird Nests Cleaning @ Processing Workshop :

Bird Nests Processing Made Easy

Yes, you read it right !


We are going to reveal ALL the tactics and hidden secrets of bird nests processing, in which we have successfully mastered through many months of relentless research and innovation. Looking back, it is definitely a very steep and time consuming learning curve. Far too many people have known to try but failed miserably (hence why a proper processed nest can demand such a high price) because of lack of skills. In this workshop we will be imparting all the knowlegde and tips so that you will ever need so that can almost start your bird nest proccessing business almost the very next day at the comfort of your home !!


To make it even better, we have improvised and come out with even better chemical- and bleaching-agent-FREE nest proccessing method that would easily half the proccessing time. A shorter proccessing time would mean a cheaper labour force but faster revenue generation.


For the first time ever, we are going to have a LIVE workshop where we will demonstrate the fine technique of nest processing from the very beginning until the finished product. Of course, HANDS ON SESSIONS will be our main feature in our workshop. REMEMBER, the value of your nests will easily double or even triple once you venture into this downstream business, so our course fees is only a tiny fraction of what the participants could easily earned once they have mastered these skills. Furthermore, this will be a good way to reduce our dependancy of  bird nests’ middleman. This is especially relevant since the China government has scrapped the imported duties levied on nests exported from Malaysia. So practically every body has a chance to become a bird nests export merchant now and double up their incomes !


What you will learn from this workshop :


 How to choose and differentiate different grades of bird nest ?

 How to clean bird nest via the FASTEST and CHEMICAL FREE method ?

How to UPDRADE nest from B or C to A class Nest (Dr Lim's Secret Receipe) ?

What is optimum bird nest drying time ?

How to mould bird nests back into A Class half-saucer shape ?

How to make A Class bird-nest-biscuit ?

How to minimize wastage during processing ?

   The Do’s and Don’ts in bird nest proccessing.

How to improve the aesthetic apperance of the bird nest ?

What are the TEN must have tools/equipments ?

How to set up a DIY bird nest proccessing facility at home ?



























Samples of raw nests

A Class Proccessed Nests

Perfect Biscuit Nests


Satisified participants from Bird Nest Processing Made Easy 09

       The local and international participants

    Satisfied Participants From Overseas and Local

        Local and international participants

Thumbs Up from the participants

No. 1 Nest Processing Course in Malaysia. April 2011

Delegates from Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Oct 2011

Satistified graduates May 2012










About the programme...

Now is the chance for you to master the skills of such a business that, until now, have been fiercely guarded by industry insiders (for obvious reasons!).

Details about the programme follow:

Date Time Venue Speaker/Trainer Status
21 March 2009
9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
Dr Christopher Lim          Completed
27 March 2010 9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya  
Dr Christopher Lim


7  August 2010
 9am - 5pm Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya  
 Dr Christopher Lim


23 April 2011
   9am - 5pm
 Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim
29 Oct 2011
 9 am - 5 pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim   Completed 
 Sat 12 May 2012
 9am - 5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim    Completed   
Sat 16 March 2013
 9am-5pm  Holiday Villa,
Subang Jaya
 Dr Christopher Lim  Completed
 Sat 9
Sep 2013
 9am-5pm Holiday Villa,Subang
 Dr Christopher Lim Completed
 Sat 15
March 2014
 9am-5pm  Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya  Dr Christopher Lim Completed

Friday 6 May 2016

 9am -5pm

Private Class Subang

 Dr Christopher Lim


 22 April 2017  

 9am -5pm  

Private Class Subang  

 Dr Christopher Lim 


28 Oct 2017     

 9am -5pm  

Private Class Shah Alam

 Dr Christopher Lim


17 Mac 2018     

 9am -5 pm     

Private Class Subang     

 Dr Christopher Lim 


27 April 2018    

 9am -5 pm     

Private Class Subang     

 Dr Christopher Lim 





 This full day workshop guarantees that you will gain the skills needed to process your nests, and double up your income from swiftlet farming. This programme will soon be full. Act quickly and join an already impressive list of investors and business people at this powerful and unique program.

Register today and get FREE GIFTS worth RM800!
FREE GIFT #1: Comprehensive bird nest bottling instruction(worth RM500).
FREE GIFT #2: Courseware Training Materials and workbook(worth RM50).
FREE GIFT #3: Full set of bird nest processing tool kits (worth Rm150).
FREE GIFT #4: Bird nest for hands on sessions (worth RM50).
  FREE GIFT  #5: Bird nest refreshment drink (worth Rm50)

As a guide, the usual fee for a 1-day seminar on bird nest processing by other speakers is RM3,500! So you are getting a fabulous deal from this programme. You will also be learning from the#1 speaker on swiftlet farming in Malaysia for seven hours at an introductory price of RM1880.
Group Discount: RM1680 (two or more pax signing at the same time)

Ex seminar participant Discount : RM1580


 What the participants commented about this seminar :

 " Exceptionally well planned and executed to perfection", Mr Tan, Johor

"  I have attended other nest processing seminars and none of them shared the secrets as openly as Dr Lim , Bravo Dr Lim ! " Madam Ng, Perak

" I have full confidence in the nest processing technique pioneered by Dr Lim, and his processed nests' quality have surpassed most other processors in this country and Indonesia " , Mr Liu, Bird Nest Trader, Republic of China

" Valued for money ! Best processing course that i have ever attended ! " Mr H Ali, Terengganu

" After attending the course, i am currently exporting 25 kilogram of unprocessed nests to China every month " Mr Ang, Kelantan

" A Prof Dr Chris Lim's technique has doubled up my nest value and i no longer depend on the middleman to dispose off my nest " Mrs Kong, Sabah

" Well worth our efforst to travel all the way from overseas" Mr Wirat, Mr Kulta and Mr Virdi (Thailand and Indonesia)

 Unlike other bird nest processing course, we :

1. Provide state of the art teaching facility which provide unparallel learning experience

2. Have no other hidden costs (other courses will require the participant to buy                 

    special powders, special 'glues' and drying oven, all at extra costs)

3. Have experience trainor who know what he is doing !

4. Teach you to DIY all the equipment needed (money saving strategies that lasts)

5. Provide step by step guide as to How to Export Bird Nest into China

6. We teach BOTH Cup Shape and Biscuit Nest techniques (others will teach either one)

7. Our course is Bilingual (English and Mandarin)





As usual, available place is at a first come first serve basis.




Do contact Colleen at 012-9710155 for enquiry and booking.



For further enquiries and sales order, please email to






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