Swiftlet Pheromones

Said good bye to the traditional method of using bird droppings as bird aroma inside the farm! And bid good bye to the dirty and unhygienic farm.

Meet the newest generation of swiftlet aroma - 5 in 1 Swiftlet Pheromones or what commonly known as 5 in 1 Swiftlet Attraction Liquid. This specially concorted aroma has all the necessary ingredients to attract new-swiftlets-comers and to retain the existing farm swiftlets. By doing so, it will ensure that the swiftlets' population will continue to grow healthily inside a farm. In short, this special pheromones can triple the growth rate of swiftlets' population in a relative short time.

This unique 5 in 1 Swiftlet Attraction Liquid can only be purchased by the participants of Dr. Lim’s swiftlet farming seminar. This is to ensure that the participants will get the BEST AROMA from the market.

Furthermore, this product is 100 percent organic, bird and environmental friendly !




Swiftlets love to gather around areas which has been sprayed with pheromones




2 months down the road and swiftlets love to gather around pheromones sprayed areas



3 months down the road and the effects of the pheromones is clearly visible in this picture
















4 months down the road and clear sign of mulitple colonial expansion



6 months down - truly unmatched effectiveness !




             8 months down after application

                ....See for yourself to believe



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