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* Watch below the 12 years montage video of Prof Dr Christopher Lim Swiftlet Farming Workshop

* Breakthrough world class research lead by Prof Dr Christopher Lim (collaboration with renowned researchers in UPM and Royal College of Surgeon Dublin )- Regular consumption of bird nest prevent Dementia in a dose dependant manner

*Worldwide Excellence Award 2016 in recognition of Dr Christopher Lim's contribution to swiftlet ranching 

*Edible Bird Nest Industry Conference 2016 (EBNIC) Putrajaya Marriot 11-12 Nov 2016 

*Edible Bird Nest Industry Conference 2014 (EBNIC) Putrajaya Marriot 25-26 Nov 2014 

* Edible Bird Nest Industry Conference 2012 Putrajaya Marriot 26-27 Nov 2012



* Exclusive interview with Beritan Harian (Disclaimer : Dr Christopher Lim is only an independant advisor and not partner of the said company) 1.   2.

* Interview in Alam Pertanian (No.16)    1.  2.  3.

* Special interview by Top Chinese Magazine (Feminine)  1.   2.   3.   4.   5. 

* Interview by fans from Korea

* Introducing Evidence Based Swiftlet Farming - First in the World

* Sarawakians going swiftlet farming in a big way

* Eye on swiftlet farming premise

* SMC to take action against operators of swiftlet farms 

* Is swiftlet farming your cup of tea ?  Catch this exclusive interview with United Daily (Mandarin)
* Do not fall into Red Nest Scam

* 1 in 10 person in Malaysia has kidney disease - are you one of them ? Get the vital information from Prof Dr Christopher Lim new book " Kidney and You "

* Swiftlet industry in Sarawak ruffles feathers

* Agro Sector (Swiftlet Farming) Main Winner in Budget 2010

*The Top Ten Devils of Swiftlet Farming - The so called ugly side of swiftlet farming

* Swiftlet Farming Will Boast Economy

*Swift Fortune Awaits

*Home Sweet Home

*Farming Nest

*Are they really health ?

* A Mega Successful Swiftlet Farming in Vietnam -  A true Example of an ex seminar participant from Vietnam (Mr Phuc) who applied A. Prof Dr. Lim's Swiftlet Farming techniques and Bird Audios into his own farm. Click :

* The lure of bird and nest - with comments from Dr Lim

* Prime Minister Encourage and Support Swiftlet Farming Industry in Malaysia


* Dr Lim's BEST SELLING swiftlet farming book is now available in Malay and Mandarin version  !

* Press Warning from Persatuan Perusaha Industri Sarang Burung Johor - Bewared of certain bird nest proccesing courses 1.  2. 3.


* Swiftlet farming business soaring high in Pahang

* See our seminar advertisement in Sin Chew Daily 20.11.08 . Seats are going fast !

* Good News - By popular demand, Dr Christopher Lim will be conducting his mastermind swiftlet farming workshop in MANDARIN in December 08. Hurry now to register in order not to miss this fantastic workshop !

* I have received numerous emails enquiries about whethe the are true risk of swiftlet farming and cryptococcus infection (Letter to STAR by Dr Tang date 4.8.08). Do click here to learn all about cryptoccocus infection .

* Bird nest farming is allowed in shop lots

* Be one of the first to download 1. The wildlife (Edible bird nests) Rules 1998  and 2. Wild Life Protection Rules 1998

* Sorry our May swiftlet farming seminar intake is full. We are limiting our classroom size to ensure maximum learning and interaction between the participants and Dr. Lim. The good news is that Dr. Lim has agreed to hold the next workshop on 14th June 2008. For those interested, act fast to join a growing list of investors who have benefited from this powerful seminar !

*Download "The Good Animal Husbandry Practice for Edible Nest Swiftlets Aerodramus species ranching and its premise in Malaysia"

*Launch of a prestigious magazine -  MillionaireAsia on 18.4.2008. Dr Lim is proud to be the first few to take off to the skies together with Tony Fernandes in this first ever premier magazine! Click for more details.  1   2   3

*Swiftlet Farming and East & East Coast Economic Region Development

* Warning - Imitation web site by .  Donny Wijaya from Wijaya Walet Resource is showing irresponsible act by using Dr. Lim's seminar web page as his own - Legal action has been initiated accordingly

* Meet Dr Christopher Lim in Popular Book Store Ikano Center this Sunday for hot tips in swiftlet farming (23.3.08) !

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* Enjoy a spa package : courtesy from swiftlets

* Good news for men and ladies who love bird nests ....

* Meet Dr Christopher Lim in Popular Book Store Sunway Pyramid this Sunday for hot tips in swiftlet farming (9.3.08) !

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* The first issue of newsletter (March 2008) has been sent to subscribers of my mailing list - enjoy the readings !

* Election 2008 : Swiftlet issue may hold key to victory

* Be careful when taking bird nests out of the country - You can be charged !

* Special "Make Millions from Swiftlet Farming" book review by PERSONAL MONEY

* Exclusive report on the future of swiftlet farming by Dr. Christopher Lim (New Straits Time 16.2.08) - Part 1

* Exclusive report on the future of swiftlet farming by Dr. Christopher Lim (New Straits Time 16.2.08) - Part 2

* Swiftlet Eco Park New Development (New Straits Time 16.2.08) - Part 1

* Swiftlet Eco Park New Development (New Straits Time 16.2.08) - Part 2

* Swiftlet Eco Park New Development (New Straits Time 16.2.08) - Part 3

(those interested of the Swiftlet Park can contact the MD of the project Mr Loke 0122193333)

Be one of the first to see this exclusive preview of Dr Christopher Lim's swiftlet farming seminar



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